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Radcliffe Creek School “Just Because” Project by “Pocomoke Homeroom”


Our “Just Because” project is our heart, and we would love for you to be a part of it! The amazing little ones of “Pocomoke Homeroom” at Radcliffe are all so excited to help put SMILES on the faces of children fighting cancer, and they’re so grateful for your help! It’s super simple….you purchase the crate(s), they get to help personalize the cards that go in them, and then we deliver them to the local children’s hospital that they choose. Thank you for your help!
Together, we create SMILES!!

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When you purchase this crate, we will send it to a child undergoing treatment at the children’s hospital that you choose! All of our crates are curated with top quality brands of toys, games, or gifts that we hand pick (as parents of 3 little ones) that are sure to make them SMILE!!

Together, we create SMILES!!